Kimberly G Weddings is about helping wedding couples organize and manage their wedding day agenda through assistance and encouragement. I have heard too many stories of family and friends being more involved with the setting up, overseeing, and cleaning up for the event they should have been enjoying. A wedding is a time to celebrate and enjoy one each others company in honor of the wedding couple.

What started out as creating wedding invitations and wedding decor and projects, has bloomed into a beautiful and enjoyable opportunity to help wedding couples enjoy their special day. So much money, time and energy goes into planning your wedding, it is so important to have the right person there to oversee and coordinate all your hard work.


The Little Details

It is important to help

wedding couples

remember all the details

when planning a wedding

Even the smallest details

are as important as the larger ones!


Finding balance when

organizing your wedding day agenda

between your needs and 

what your wedding vendors are providing

is as important as balancing

your wedding budget and timeline


Not only is a wedding

an event to celebrate

two people uniting

but weddings have become

a way to express

the couples personalities


Photographs by Robyn Blasi Photography :)